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Seals sun bathing on the beach at Angel Bay Photos: Si Panton

Pete Robins on Cirque du Soleil 7B+

Some new access advice has emerged with regard to a couple of limestone bouldering venues in the Llandudno area.

The landowners (Mostyn Estates) have approached the BMC requesting that climbers take note that breeding seals occasionally use Angel Bay. If seals are present, ensure that no dogs are taken to the beach, that you do not get between seals and their pups and ideally keep 100m away from the seals. Seal pupping time is normally late August through until October, but seals will also ‘haul-out’ for moulting in January and February time.

Elsewhere concerns have been expressed by Natural Resources Wales about the potential impact of bouldering on rare plants. One such area where there might be a problem is the Cirque du Soleil/Silence of the Trams crag above the Marine Drive on the West Shore side of Great Orme. Some nationally rare and scarce plants are located in this area so any further cleaning should be avoided.

The development of any ‘new’ bouldering (or climbing) venues either above or below the Marine Drive on the West Shore side should be avoided for the same reason. The recently developed sport venue, Creigiau'r Heulog is also banned.

The sea level boulders down at West Shore (home to The Spray etc) are unaffected by this restriction. Obviously any breeding birds which may be nesting here should not be disturbed.

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