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Bevan Hollingworth has plugged an obvious gap on the right side of the Peisiop roof, up on the Tonfedd hillside in Dyffryn Peris.

Crimes Against Pastry (f7C) starts up Pie Eyed but swings right at the lip with difficulty to gain the Chip Shop Slapper rail with the right. Finish direct.

”I had wondered if anyone had tried before as it's a glaring gap at a popular sector. I tried it on Monday after I'd done Pie Eyed but wrote it off pretty quickly as I couldn't figure a foot sequence out. That night I had one of those beta epiphanies that never work in practice but lo and behold it worked exactly how it did in my head! First time that's ever happened. It's significantly harder than Pie Eyed but for me doesn't feel harder than 7C. Time will tell.” said Bevan after the ascent.

Lesser Crimes Against Pastry (7B) is the same finish after starting up Plinth Eyed. According to Bevan this might deserve 7B+, but they weren’t sure?

Editor’s note: On reflection Plinth Eyed is probably only 7A+ as described in the NWB 3.1 guide (page 151) – to get the 7B tick try starting with both hands matched on the ramp. Bit of a wrist twister, but maybe better this way?

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