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Osian on Fairies Wear Boots (7B) photos: Parry collection

Osian on Volcanic Velcro (7A+)

Osian on Dark Necessities (7A)

There are over 1000 news items on this website, dating all the way back to 2004. And somewhere in amongst this mass of information there lies forgotten gems. The once popular Boulder of the Month feature contained many such gems, carefully hidden twixt Big Gs elaborate wind ups of course.

Recently the December 2014 Boulder of the Month caught Osian Parrys discerning eye and he was rewarded with some prize first ascents in Cwm Pennant.

I managed to finish all of the lines off in the main corridor today and I think that they are some great problems on the renowned, perfect Pennant dolerite! said Osian.

1. Fairies Wear Boots 7B
Climb the left wall of the corridor starting with hands matched on the obvious edge. Crank crimps to the top.

2. Volcanic Velcro 7A+
Climb the wide prow on the right side of the corridor from a sds, matched on the undercut jug.

3. Dark Necessities 7A
The central line of the main face climbed from a sds on good edges. Use a lovely sequence up some amazing slopey edges.

4. Clychau'r Gog 6C
A one move wonder on the very left side of the main face. Pull on with two chest high sidepulls.

5. Trip Wire 6B
The lip traverse line on the boulder you come to first on the approach.

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