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Gwil on An Amalgamation of Emotion (8A+) photo: Jack Pearce

Pesda strong lad, Gwilym Tossell, has succeeded on an desperate abandoned project in Dyffryn Ogwen. An Amalgamation of Emotion (8A+) is a left hand start to Decoy Ploy in the Bwtres Carreg-filltir area (see page 314 in the NWB 3.1 guide).

Start sitting under the roof with your hands crossed. Left hand is on a sloping flat edge. Right on a small three finger crimp. Right foot on the obvious big foothold. Reach up and right to a small sidepull/pinch. Get both feet higher and then either make a massive move right hand to the lip or spin and get a right toe there instead. With the help of a good heel a few more physical moves get you to the top.

The line was tried back in 2007 by Adam Hocking (see 8.40 in the film link below), but then gathered cobwebs for the next 15 years until Gwil spotted it. This is the first thing he has ever projected, and it took him 6/7 sessions in the end. Unfortunately Gwil wasn't able to film his ascent - his phone died and his usual partner in crime, Jack Pearce, wasn’t with him on the day.

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