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Zed on the first ascent of Event Horizon (7B), video screenshot: Oliver-Jones collection

Zed Oliver-Jones and Osian Parry have climbed a superb-looking slopey lip line on the Chwarel Moel y Gest boulders.

Event Horizon (7B) tackles the obvious right-to-left traverse line on the large boulder just left of Press or Drop, starting at the small step in the lip on the right and hauling out onto the slab at the aręte. (See page 589 in the NWB 3.1 guide.)

As Zed explains, it was very much a joint effort:

“When we arrived to try Press or Drop, I was instantly looking around seeing potential boulders. I was asking Osian from the get go, is this a problem? Has that been done? As much as I wanted to send Press or Drop, I was already thinking about trying the new potential lines."

"The main one that stood out to me, was also a boulder Osian had seen and questioned why no one had done it. We both thought that Event Horizon was such an obvious aesthetic feature that needed to be climbed. Opening this line was very much a joint effort, we bounced ideas for beta back and forth with each other and then we both climbed the problem.”

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