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Ben Walley has climbed a neat-looking roof line in Nant Gwynant. Little Legs (7A) can be found on the hillside up above the main road on the opposite side of the valley to Clogwyn y Bustach. It starts sitting, hands on the obvious side pull holds, and powers rightwards through the steepness to a mantel finish.

ĒThe grade was a tricky one cause I had a tweaky finger at the time so I canít imagine it was too hard, but Itís very tensiony and would probably be hard for someone with little legs, hence the name. Itís maybe in the 6C-7A range?Ē said Ben.

Approach: park in the first big layby on the bends section as you come down the hill from the Pen y Gwryd. Cross the road and go through the gate. Walk up the steep hill with the stream on your right, bearing right towards the fence where thereís a vague path. After the initial steepness the gradient decreases; cross over the fence when it turns left and follow a path to the roof Ė you should spot it near an old stone building. 20 minutes walking time. (53.0579340, -3.9965730)

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