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Despite the summer heat, the flow of exciting new lines in Dyffryn Ogwen shows no sign of halting (at this rate we are going to need an Ogwen specific bouldering guide before long!). So much going on itís nuts, but hereís one area I can actually talk about: namely the lower boulders of Carreg Mianog.

Aidan Roberts, Tim Blake and Hamish Potokar (Hell of a crew, yeah!?) had a very fruitful visit this week, coming away with some top quality FAs.

Hardest of the bunch, Hot Pod Soft (8A+) fell to Lakes strongman, Aidan Roberts. This steep, crimpy wall is perfectly suited to Aidanís mutant board strength. Just to the left Tim climbed a similarly steep, albeit slightly more amenable line to give Drums in the Deep 7C+/8A. Aidan added another steep, burly line on a nearby undercut boulder - Deeply Fried rates 7C and looks superb. Hamish made a quick repeat, confirming the quality.

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