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Hamish Potokar on The Great Below (8A+) photo: Tim Blake

Another day arrives and I have news of yet another hard Dyffryn Ogwen line from Tim Blake: The Great Below (8A+) tackles the steepness to the right of his own recent addition, Nine Pinch Nails, starting on a low sidepull and an undercut/gaston.

"Itís a Nine Inch Nails song and it starts in a bit of a pit so fits quite well. Grade-wise we thought low 8A+. Itís a specific style so could either feel really hard or alright depending on peopleís morphology!Ē said Tim after the ascent.

Aidan Roberts made a quick repeat and thought the same with regard to the grade. Aidan also repeated Nine Pinch Nails (8B) and Madame Allure (8B). Öand he also did the much talked about sds to Isles of Wonder at a whopping 8C+, but that will have to wait for another news report!

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