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Owen Hayward has continued his development campaign on the flanks of Tryfan in Dyffryn Ogwen. His latest effort stands out as one of the best lines in the valley, a truly stunning feature. Rhudda Gawr (7B!) tackles the four star (oh yes!) highball aręte on the aptly named Wal o Gewri (English translation: Wall of Giants).

Owen has had this in his sights for a while now but the hot summer temperatures combined with the prospect of an intimidating fall had thwarted him. With conditions improving in late August his moment finally came and he managed to top it out in an electrified state.

”Although still a bit sweaty (!), tops-off-for-power did the trick. E6 6c ish old money - 7B! and 4 stars (if that's possible). Needs a repeat from a better climber to confirm in case the height messed with my gradeometer. Forget the grade with this one though - it is superb whatever grade it is!” said Owen after the ascent.

It’s certainly a big line and is best tackled with a decent nest of pads – so if you fancy a go get a team together. Owen has updated his original topo, which incidentally still details a number of hard open projects for the coming autumn season. Click here to see it, or view it in our downloads page.

Bowldro Tryfan - Wal o Gewri.mp4 from North Wales Bouldering on Vimeo.

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