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The Pistachio aręte, photo: Owen Hayward

James McHaffie was quick in for a repeat of Owen Hayward’s Rhudda Gawr (7B!) on Tryfan, having spied the line when it was still a project. He found a slightly better sequence but still confirmed the grade and of course the obvious quality of the line.

Caff then went for one of the nearby projects detailed in Owen’s topo guide (Click here to see the updated version, or view it in our downloads page.)

The Pistachio project, thus named because of the mysterious appearance of some pistachio shells at its base, is a fairly bold prospect with the hard climbing on the upper section, but Caff dispatched it quickly reckoning it was ”Three stars!” and 7B+ish.

Check out (Ray Wood’s Instagram) for some action shots.

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