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Eadan on Vault of Time (8A) screenshots from video.


Eadan Cunningham has climbed a fine-looking, crimpy link-line in Dyffryn Ogwen. Vault of Time (8A) connects the Vault of Glass sds into the highball finish of Passage of Time.

”I was psyched to do it as it took quite a while to work out the beta and it was nice that it turned out to climb really well.”

said Eadan, before adding:

“There’s good scenes at the moment, a lot of new stuff going down. Good to see that there is still potential for new stuff in these areas.”

Quick repeats confirming both the quality and the grade came from Craig Davies and Jack Palmieri.

Interestingly the original stand up line, climbed by Nige Callender in 2007, has proved to be much meatier than the book grade of 7A. Both Craig and Eadan felt it’s probably worth 7B, and Jack thought the moves on the stand harder than the sitting start.

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