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Ben Bransby has climbed the sitting start to the recently established Leviathan on the Rhoscolyn sea cliffs. As soon as Leviathan was reported Ben went straight over and managed to repeat the crouch start in just 15 minutes. Remarkably he did this with no spotter and only one pad! The holds on the sitting start were damp that day but Ben was psyched to come back for a proper go.

A few days later he returned with Pete Robins - Pete came close to repeating the crouch start, running out of steam near the end a few times, while Ben sussed out the hard initial moves on the sitter. Ben then went for it and, as you can see in the film, he despatched it in a very casual style.

Ben has suggested a grade of 8A+ for the sitter, although others who have tried it think this could be a very conservative estimate.

There has been much discussion of the grade of the original crouch too Ben thought low 7C, Pete thought, on reflection, probably 7C+ and similar to Lou Ferrino in style and difficulty. Today Tim Blake and Craig Davies paid a visit. Tim repeated the crouch start and Craig got very close, slipping off the last move a couple of times both thought 7C+ was a fair grade.

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