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Caff piling up the finishing aręte on Yr Aderyn Glas (7C+) photo: McHaffie collection

Here’s another tasty Dyffryn Peris number from the ever-prolific, James McHaffie.

Yr Aderyn Glas (7C+) can be found up the Tonfedd hillside on the Tiny, King of the Jews boulder, just above the diminutive hydroelectric ‘infinity pool’ that inexplicably draws a steady stream of daft instagrammers to its meagre shore.

Caff’s new line starts sitting on obvious holds below the standing start of Tiny. Snatch round the lip and traverse left with much difficulty to latch and finish up the still-tricky left aręte of the boulder.

”It felt like 7C+, and good. You flick your right foot from heel to toe, which needs to hold while you latch the aręte.”

Said Caff, before adding,

”Fucking blue sky day like!”

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