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Matthew ‘Mill’ Harland and Matty Lamb have developed some more sandstone boulders in the Nant-y-Ffrith area near Wrecsam. The Muppet Boulders are only a mile from the recently developed Dids Boulder so can easily combined in a visit.

The lines as mentioned are short and possibly sweet - no power endurance needed here. Conditions in the woods are often a bit fickle, so try and visit on a cooler, breezy day.

Approach: Effectively from the same parking as the Dids Boulder. You walk to where the tracks split past the old Hall (kids home) Take the right signposted walk towards the Ffrith and after about half a mile take the wide forestry road down and around to the right where it terminates at the circular bay by the river.

1. The Great Gonzo 6B
Slap your way up the aręte off an initial pull from the ground. [Mill]

2. Waldorf 6A
From good holds under the lip work your way up and left on to a sloping finish. [Matty Lamb]

3. Statler 6B
Start as for Waldorf but after gaining the high shallow dimple move right and up the slab. [Matty Lamb]

4. Pigs in Space 7A
Start with your right hand on a crimped undercut and left on a high sidepull, then make a series of satisfying slaps, and using a splayed pocket, gain the slab to top out. [Mill]

5. Rizzo the Rat 7A
Powerful move off mono pockets/two finger end digit slots and fire for the top, then mantel. [Mill]

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