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The hunt is always on, and thus we see yet more quality first ascents from James McHaffie in Dyffryn Peris. This time a trio of grade 7s with decent landings (albeit with a couple of pads). His latest efforts can be found further up right from the recently climbed, Fy Mrawd, in an area close to the prominent pillar of The Thumb.

Fy Chwaer (7B) climbs the attractive dome topped wall with a slight kink to the left in the line at half height.

Nearby is a leaning wall with directional flake holds. Caethiwed (7A) tackles the line of flakes right of the aręte from a sitting start.

Ysmygu (7B+) is the much tougher line of flakes at the right side of the wall, again from a sitting start. (See the first phone vid below.)

And finally in this area Caff also climbed Crib Hyll (6B+) the obvious steep prow line tackled from a sitting start. (See the second phone vid below.)

Approach: Go up and right from the Cromlech boulders boulders for 10 mins to find Fy Mrawd. Continue up above this for 5 or 10 mins then trend right and traverse right round the corner to find Fy Chwaer, and then the other problems.

Caff is not just a handy climber, he has also just published his first novel, Eleri, Rage Against Austerity – you can read more about it in the link below.

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