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The Tan y Grisiau area keeps on providing new possibilities for hardcore bouldering action. In the last few weeks two new additions have been made to the Hippocampus boulder, making this one of the most extreme bits of rock in Blaenau.

Firstly, Tim Blake climbed a right hand sds to Osian Parryís recently climbed 8A stand, Way of the Hippo. Hippo Curry (8A+) starts sitting underneath Chrisí Cashmere Curry on an undercut and a sidepull. It then moves straight up to the start holds of Way of the Hippo and finishes up this.

Luke Fletcher then made his move to climb Jordanís Crispy Crunch sds (7C). ĒItís a bit hemmed in but climbs wellĒ said Luke after the ascent.

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