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Elliot on The Arken Stone (7A) photo: David Fidler

The line of Out of Time (6C/7A) is shown by the green line. shown by the green topo line

Elliot Verry has climbed the left hand/centre line of the Falmari prow. The Arken Stone (7A) is tackled from a standing start. The line was climbed by a few different people around the time of the first ascent of Falmari, including Time Blake, but was not claimed.

Turns out itís very good, and well worth seeking out Ė so go and give it a shot!

And hereís another juicy titbit in Dyffryn Ogwen - David Fidler has climbed a 6C/7Aish line up the holds to the left of the Passage of Time (right of Stopwatch). Out of Time has a high start and is pretty friction dependent.

N.B. feedback on Stopwatch is that it is probably more like 7B+ or even 7C, rather than the 7B it was originally given.

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