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A bit of old-but-gold news from last December. James McHaffie climbed a striking prow line up on the north side of Dyffryn Peris, a bit further up the valley from Esgair Maen Gwyn on top of Clogwyn Blaen Coed (so named because at some point in the past it would have likely marked the end of the trees in the valley).

After a tip off from George Smith, Caff went for a look and was pleased to find such an impressive unclimbed line, but more importantly, one that he could do.

Y Greal Sanctaidd goes from standing start at 7B+. Caff’s old sparring partner, Pete Robins, arrived soon after to make a repeat, confirming the grade and outstanding quality.

The obvious sitting start will likely go at around 7C+, but perhaps only for someone with a bit arm of length? NB. The landing is not perfect, in fact, 4 pads and spotters are needed to make it okay.

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