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Max Dickens has pulled a rabbit out of the proverbial hat by adding an independent line to the already intensely developed Cromlech boulders. There are a few lines left here but they are mostly nails (check out the direct roof start to Sleep Deprivation if you want a glimpse of what the future might look like!).

Anyway, back to Maxs little adventure this has taken place above the normally water-infested landing of James Pond. Of course, with the current drought conditions, its as dry as my throat was after a prosecco-and-beer-fueled wedding do on Friday. (Please drink responsibly!)

Goldfinger (7B+) strikes a direct low sds line up through the steep bulge between James Pond and James Pond RH. You can expect some fierce pulling and a top end of the grade scenario. 7A+ from a hang match on the hand rail.

Max has also climbed a few other good links. The low sds to James Pond RH goes at 7B/+ and the same sitter into the Bog Traverse goes at 7A+.

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