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Craig Davies and Mike Hart have made some excellent additions to the Carreg Mianog roster. The new lines can be found in the obvious small boulder field about 200m beyond the Hot Pod area.

The best line hereabouts is Craig’s Isles of Blubber (7C), a steep compression prow which goes from a sitting start. Much like Craig, it’s a powerful beast, with some fat holds.

”This thing climbs great, the angle in the vid makes it look quite small, but it’s pretty tall and actually a little scary.” Said Craig.

Mike’s line is Mithrandir (7C), a leaning wall. Much like Mike, it’s a thin and crimpy affair. Pull on from a crouch start at the left end of the obvious crimpy rail and head up rightwards then finish over the apex of the wall.

Craig also climbed Head Banger (7A), a neat roof line above Isles of Blubber. Start sitting, hands matched on the obvious rail. Gain the left arête then lurch back right to the right hand lip and mantel out.

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