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Osian Parry and Zed Oliver-Jones have been busy on the cellar board style, Bloc Pop at Drws y Coed. After many sessions Osian succeeded on an intense line breaking out into the right aręte of the boulder. Poptŷ Ping (7C+) starts with a left hand in the righthand starting hold of Pop Art and right hand on a bad crimp/pinch. Pull on and go left hand up the pinch of Pop Art. From here make hard tension moves out to the right aręte, and finish by slapping up the aręte.

”Pretty cool move on it, with a very hard tensiony toe hooks sequence! Feel nice to put up a good straight up on my local block.” said Osian after the ascent.

Last year Zed added a central line to the steep face. Popology (7C) starts with a left hand on the righthand crimp of Pop will Eat Itself and right hand on the lefthand crimp of Its All Pop, then, surprise, surprise, pops for the top!

This last week Zed added a couple of links into this finish. Popological Extension (7C+) starts sitting with both hands in the flake, while Class A Poppers (7C+) starts as per Pop Art.

Other post 2021 guidebook links include, Pop Tart (7C+) from Luke Fletcher, which links the Harry Popper sds into Pop will Eat Itself. The Boy Who Popped (7B) from Jemma Powell, which adds extra moves to the start of the Harry Popper Extension by starting sitting with the two boreholes on Pop Art. This has also been extended by Bevan Hollingworth to the back left aręte at a similar standard. And finally, Art Will Eat Itself (7C+), by Alex – wonder if he found a kneebar - Barrows, which links Pop Art into Pop will Eat Itself.

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