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Sam Willis on Blood Sacrifice (7B+), photo: David Fidler


David Fidler, Osian Parry, Sam Willis and Zed Oliver-Jones had a fruitful session in Chwarel Gideon on Saturday. Three quality new additions were climbed by the lads.

First up Osian did the direct start to Echoes, pulling on with hands on the red circle-marked holds. A cross gives a jump into the big ledge. David then did the same start into Ambient Smile. Both versions rate 7C/+.

Then Osian, David and Sam did a big line on the back of the large boulder on the way to Echoes. Blood Sacrifice (7B+) connects a series of poor holds up an impressive face. It is named in honour of poor Zed, who mashed a finger tip while building the landing.

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