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Lewis Perrin on Cacen (7B), photo: vid screengrab

James McHaffie on Awra Tywyll (7B), photo: vid screengrab

James McHaffie on Sudden Death Syndrome (7A), photo: vid screen grab

James McHaffie on Y Wasg (7B), photo: vid screen grab

James McHaffie continues to find quality new lines to do in Dyffryn Peris. In the last few weeks he has, with the help of Lewis Perrin, picked off some superb looking new additions up above the right side of the Cromlech boulders.

Closest to the road is the white wall (with a highball 6A) mentioned at the bottom of page 215 in the NWB 3.1 guide. Lewis climbed the clean wall right of the 6A from sitting to give the stunning Cacen (7B or 6C+ from standing).

Just up above there are some more eye-catching bits of rock. Here Caff climbed Awra Tywyll (7B sds, 6C+ stand) up the hanging arÍte. Trosiglo (7A) tackles the wall to the right. The traverse rightwards into the arÍte is Moody (7A).

Sudden Death Syndrome (7A) climbs the big wall over to the left. The narrow landing requires a careful spot.

There is a good steep wall eight minutes walk diagonally right up the hillside as you look up at Dinas y Gromlech, one minutes walk left of the stream. Here there are three sds lines: Awyr Iach (6C) on the left, Karate Kick (7A) just to its right, and toughest of the trio, Y Wasg (7B) right again.

And last but not least there is Corwynt (6B+) the obvious arÍte ten minutes walk straight up above the Cromlech boulders.

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