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The Choss-Protrusion of Criccieth Yonder Photos: Big G



As if our Welsh seaside resorts were not charming enough, now Big G has discovered another piece of bouldering catnip for the sloper-inclined member of the family. Somebody should inform the tourist board, get this stuff broadcast. Somebody really should!

Dear NWB readers,

Much has been written about the Castle of Criccieth and its rich surroundings; the heaving ocean, the immense sky-scape, the sprawling beaches, and the sleepy streets with their rather fine cafes, ice creams and trinketry. But, remarkably, the ‘Protrusion’ has gone unnoticed as though it were somehow of no significance.

Access is achieved by a two minute swagger from the car-park at the East Beach. (gr 508 380) A short stumble along the pebbles and minor boulders will give no warning of the scale of the thing just around the corner.

First; one’s attention will be drawn to what could be loosely termed a cliff. ...Loosely. At its base; our quest comes to an end. For here...boys and girls...may be found the acid test of our motivations; the Holy Grail; the ‘move’ almost without the rock. Pure rounded glory. The rump of base pleasure.

A golden rock; rolled into perfection by some glacial scenes; fused into this noble gargoyle prow-profile.

And to think; we are allowed to touch it!
All other mantels are humbled, slopers out-shone.
There is even a modicum of risk for those who worry about the clinical nature of normal bouldering, as the thing could release itself at any time from its non-too-firm fixing.

Blessed are the humble eccentrics...
...for they shall find great joy in some pretty low-key stuff

Love, Big G

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