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Owen on Equinox 7B Photo: Bruno Marks

Owen on Pieces of Eight 7B+ Photos: Hayward collection

Owen on The Brethren Court 7A+

...and Owen again, on Keep Deep 7A+

Over the last few months Owen Hayward has carried out a sustained campaign at Trwyn Talfarach, the dolerite bouldering venue adjacent to Porth Ysgo. The scale of development is staggering - if you include all the new problems that Owen has climbed in the Ysgo/Talfarach/Nefoedd and Rhiw area it comes to over 150!

Highlights from his recent Talfarach campaign include the following problems:

Wal yr Olygfa:
Orange Crush 7A+ Proper sit to Barbossa 7A+/B and same start into Wal yr Olygfa 7A+/B

Captain Pugwash 7B
Maneater 6C
Equinox 7B
Dead Man's Chest 6C!
2x7A, 1x7A+, 1x7A+/B, 1x7B - big stamina links on the Pirates block.
Black Pearl 7B
Calypso 7A/+
The Brethren Court 7A+
Pieces of Eight 7B+
The Beast of Bardsey 7A+
Campusorass 7A
It Came From Beneath 6C+
Black Spot 7A!
Skyscraper 7A+

This would be a very long news item if full descriptions were provided, so, to fill the information gap, Owen has produced a series of topos:

Talfarach approach

Wal yr Olygfa

Talfarach area 1

Talfarach areas 2 and 3

Talfarach area 4

NB. Owen has updated the Area 1 topo to include Mike's line (with a perhaps more realistic grade of 7B!), plus a regrade of Equinox at 7A+.

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