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Owen Hayward continued his Sheep Pen campaign this week, adding an independent 7A and two gruelling extensions, as he explains:

”InTents 7A is a great little insecure aręte on a previously undeveloped but good wee block near the main block which I've called the A Frame.”

”Turtle Soup 7B/+ is a 27 move stamina monster [linking of Turtle’s Arse into Pacific Green with the Soup exit] that builds in difficulty all the way to a very droppable last move (which I dropped about 10 times before nailing!).

”Another Whirlwind Adventure 7C (Shrek fans will get it as a combo of Shrek and Donkey) is a silly (i.e. a bit eliminate although it doesn’t feel like that when you're on it) but brilliant extension to Shrek - finishing out right onto the slab without using the top of the block until the very end: a great mixture of powerful/techy clamping and heel work finishing with slabby padding.

Owen has produced another updated topo, including a useful overview image showing the positions of the different boulders.

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