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The mighty Craig y Goodman Photos: Big G



A late entry for August BotM sees Big G in Llanberis, ferreting around the bushes in Coed Doctor:

Dear NWB readers,
Sometimes, brothers and sisters...in order to advance, we must look ...within.
No; not within ourselves! Don’t be dumb-that’s way risky-there might be nothing there! Hell no; we must poke about the urban foliage in town, until we come to the rocks within.

Why mess up the environment, shatter the chi and lose spontaneity with carefully planned trips to the ‘Great Outdoors’ through road based transport scenarios when you can just shuffle into here?
You’re either part of the solution or...part of the problem!

Go, then, into the oak wilderness at the bottom end of the top terrace on Goodman Street, poke about, and you shall come across the cliff.

Despite its north-facing and rather dark aspect it is composed of the very highest quality rock; its rough grain a relief to the hands; its green demeanour a lift to the spirits.

Urban? - Sit on your mat and breathe the leafy air and allow the creatures of the forest to resume their activities and watch the light pour random dapples onto the forest floor and glimpses of the Glyders show through the gaps between branches as squirrels jump for joy among the leaves of late summer.
You have arrived without travel.

There are traverses and circuits on positive jugs above a perfect landing. (Land too far out and you will be spindled in briars; your corpse being found weeks later)

Blessed are the heap-less for they shall inherit urban rock.

Love, Big G

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