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Photos: Big G




Okay, so it’s October, we’re a bit late. Sorry. Good things come to those who wait though, just look at the Gogarth South guide (now due in Llanberis on Monday!). Take it away Big G:

Dear NWB readers,
There are pieces of rock so small that they go beneath our radar; tiny things, glimpsing from the hillsides, untouched and lonely.
The Great Spire (gr 648553) is one such delight; hidden below the hurly- burly of Pen y Pass, waiting for the evening sun to turn its prospects to gold.

Wander along the Miners Track until you realise you aren’t cut out for that sort of thing, then simply leave it, and trip gaily down the tussocked basin to an old wall-line. Follow this to its termination and your quest ends.

You will shrink into this wonderland as the surroundings gain an unexpected stature, enhanced by the rock quality.

There are diminutive futuristic walls, there are small pocketed prows and most of all there is the Spire; one of the lesser known summits of the region; its stretches and grows with every dalliance.
One day when people know ‘what is what’ it will be marked out in bold print upon maps, school children will be taken on trips to it, and it will appear on coinage.

The successful will slap its upper grips and scream victory, and the calls will echo across the upper reaches of the Arfon Trwsnant and more will come... and yet more.

Seize the day-if not the top!

Love, Big G

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