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Mark making an early attempt on Night Fever. Photo: Javier Pereda

The line. Photo: Riley collection

Back at the end of February (on the same weekend as the infamous 'Fatneck's Llyn weekender') Mark Riley climbed a scary but good line up the steep hanging slab that you walk past as you enter area 4 at Talfarach, just round the corner from the Pogo Wall.

Mark writes "Access the steep hanging slab from the obvious finger jugs via some nifty footwork and rugosities to attain a standing position on the lip, from there a precarious move to the relative security of the break gives time to contemplate the top out.

A good number of pads and spotters are recommended, as is prior inspection of the top out (which could probably be escaped by traversing the break if required).

Grading is always subjective, especially after a wet winter indoors at the Boardroom, my initial reaction is something like highball 7B.

Given the somewhat funky moves and disco leg possibilities, the name Night Fever was suggested and seems appropriate.

Iím sure the beta in the photo would work, but I stepped up right foot first in the end."

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