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Photos: Big G

(was the cameraman drunk with emotion or just listing slightly?)

Home is where the heart is and often where the best new stuff can be found- right under your nose where you least expect it to be.

Dear NWB readers,
A new rock?...on the north side of the Pass?...course not, quite contrary-wise; the thing having been knocking about for some considerable time. But undiscovered. Oh yes.

Take stout stuff, water for two days, that awful mint cake, and set off from the Cromlech Boulders towards the thumbs way right of the Cromlech cliff. The going under foot is not great.

Somewhere at about their level you will discover a wide shallow gully leading up and rightwards with a long bouldery-looking wall on its right side. This turns out to be no good, however, a scramble onto the solid rib on its right will reveal the feature in question, nestling in a hollow, facing the Cromlech Boulders.

Here is sand-papery stone at its weathered best, a tiny untouched wall with a good landing.

Around to its right and down a little is a reddish high-ball wall of the utmost quality, a perfect line of cracks and holds leading anyone who chooses to a great victory without high technicality. It would be a privilege to break your legs on a thing like this.

Up here it is strange to be wielding a bouldering mat. Anyone you meet will have a compass and big boots. Get ready to explain yourself; “We are on the very bestest holds ever created in the whole of creation man-what you doing?”

Blessed are the deluded-for their days are filled with purpose.

Love, Big G

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