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The Standing Stone of Mynedd Llandegai. Photo: Big G

This time Big G ponders the moral and ethical quandary of messing with the cards that nature has dealt us:

Dear NWB readers,
The April showers come, and the sun comes, and the snow, moment by moment, making us fools all. Our mats serve as umbrellas then parasols as we watch our beloved rocks get less and less cool.
Precocious voices can be heard across the region wailing lament at the small wet streaks, damp patches, puddles in jugs.
Should we take it into our hands? Build a canopy over the Ogwen?, awnings over Jerrys Roof? Or move the rocks west?
No-we must not engage in karma-less rock bulldozing; playing God, for then we would have a say in how the holds are, and thus how the moves are, and then...we would have reversed our evolution, and would be queuing like penned beasts at an indoor wall, baying numbers and colours.

In misty Mynedd Llandegai an effort has been made to right a stone in the Neolithic stylee in a small garden by the cheerily named Memorial Hall. And do we feel that strange energy?, that powerful vibe from the past?...we donít do we.

Oh and anyway-look - if you are going to install a rock...for godís sake go for a whopper!

Donít move the stone -
Be moved.

Love, Big G

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