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Nice looking wall - home to Rich's new probs. Photo: Hession collection.

Rich Hession has defied the doubters who said his legs were too skinny to walk more than 20 metres by stomping up to the boulder field on Gallt yr Ogof that is home to Ray Wood's classic The Cost of Living. It'll be red woolly socks and scrambles on Tryfan soon for Rich at this rate! Here's the low down from the Scouse himself on his new(?) lines:

"I popped over to the far side of Gallt Yr Ogof last Tuesday and did Ray's excellent Cost of Living and the ramp problem off to the side. Went back today and managed to withstand the midges long enough to fire off Nodder's left to right low traverse into it and then did 2 up lines which I think are new.

The main one is left of TCOL up the centre of the face. Starts matched on a good left flatty and right sloper, then blasts up right to a distant finger edge/crimp. You then get your left foot on and can blast straight to the top or use an intermediate for the left before hopping the foot up high and going again. It felt around 7B and took a handful of attempts. It's quite morpho (I had to cut loose to reach/hold the crimp). If it hasn't been done, then I'd like to call it The Price is Wrong Bob.

I also went left from the same start holds and up more flatties to finish/exit left of The Price is Wrong. I imagine this has been done but if not..I'd like to call it Bob Barker's Left Hook and it's around 6B+/C. The grades may be way out but it was scary with no spot and I'm a massive shit house! I've attached a photo where you should be able to make out the holds from the chalk.

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