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The Capel ‘Shroom’ photo: Big G

This month (well, June to be specific) Big G discovered a peculiar rock formation in the environs of Capel Curig and was left wondering, what does it all mean?

Dear NWB readers,
Oh - what poise and charm; this balanced bagel of a thing, set in prime place (gr732577), commanding a view from which we might stay as long as the rock, to soak up its subtleties.

Is the thing ‘balanced’ as such, or is its position in the world maintained by a dull density...like our own. Is it natural? Did it jump to this position at the last melting moment of a glacier, or was it ...pushed?

Sometimes it is good to just stop and stare at a block, and feel what we feel.
Are these feelings mutual? Do boulders love us? If they could write, would they put us all in books and give us weird names?...and grades? Would they argue over our worth? Would one of them write a ‘Person of the Month’?

The thing is admittedly very small, really only suitable for sit-down starts...without the continuations.
Is this a thing? Does anyone do this?
Perhaps it has not yet been invented. Has it been invented now? - by mentioning it?

Is there any point in bouldering if no one knows you are doing it? If you were by yourself on Mars or a desert island, and there were some incredible boulders...would you bother with them? Would it be better?

The longer you stay with the ‘Shroom’- the stranger the view gets.

Love, Big G

The only thing denser than boulderers...are boulders

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