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With its endless potential for desperate link ups Parisella's Cave has always attracted obsessive strong men. Its latest suitor, Jack Palmieri, might just been the keenest of them all (he rarely goes anywhere else). Over the last few years Jack has made weekly visits from his home in Bury, working his way through the hard problems and links in the Cave of Justice.

He finally added a significant link of his own just before the new NWB guidebook went to print. Triggertrocity is of course the obvious Rockatrocity/Trigger Cut link. This turned out to be a little harder than the classic Director's Cut but still 8B.

Jack also climbed Director's and then turned his attention to the highball extension Silk Cut (8B/+). After repeated falls off the Upper Cut finish Jack bagged himself a new link that he hoped would boost his fitness for his Silk Cut campaign. The new link started up the old school classic Greenheart Connection but upon reaching the jugs Jack finished up Upper Cut and the obligatory top out. This 8B link proved to up Jack's fitness levels sufficiently and he made the 3rd ascent (after Neil Dyer and Pete Robins) of Silk Cut soon after.

Jack was suitably chuffed: "I was really happy to grab a repeat of Silk Cut, putting my name in there with two climbers who have pretty legendary status in the Cave".

When most would perhaps take a break after such a prolonged campaign Jack kept turning up and managed to finish Triggertrocity up Upper Cut at a suggested 8B+. He also finished off with a repeat of Bonnie (8A+).

Triggertrocity Into Upper Cut from Jack Palmieri on Vimeo.

With the motivation Jack possesses for the place (not to mention bundles of power endurance) expect more unclimbed links to go down in the months and years ahead.

(NWB reporter: Chris Doyle)

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