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Jack Palmieri has made the 4th ascent of Malcolm's Smith's legendary Pilgrimage 8B+ in Parisellaís Cave. Alex Barrows made the second ascent in 2013 utilising an arsenal of knee-scums and trickery to tame the beast slightly. It is a common misconception that a potential suitor for the Big Link has a choice between a rubber and non-rubber ascent, but the fact is that Mr Barrows is not only freakishly tall but is also a master of the dark arts of inverted knee-scums and associated techniques.
Also, some people are just not that way inclined and are inspired by the challenge big Malc laid down. One of the beauty's of climbing is that it is an individual pursuit and you can approach an ascent however you like as long as the rock is not damaged in the process. Mike Hart made the 3rd ascent rubberless and now Jack the 4th.

On the day Jack had low expectations and only decided to have a go a couple of hours into his session. All in all itís another fine effort from a man who seems to have never ending motivation for the place. The possibilities for the first Cave 8C are obvious; could Jack be the man for the job?

Pilgrimage 8B+ from Jack Palmieri on Vimeo.

(NWB reporter: Chris Doyle)

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