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The new North Wales Bouldering guide was finally published in August. So far it has had a very warm reception, both out on the crags and from online commentators. Dave Parry, of Project Magazine, had the following to say:

“North Wales has truly come of age and finally it now has an up-to-date guide to do justice to the frankly bewildering array of venues. For every crag you knew about there are ten more you’ve never heard of, all lovingly documented and photographed, a definitive guide, and served up for you with slavish attention to detail. This is basically the entire development of North Wales grassroots bouldering, years and years of accumulated local knowledge packaged into one solid brick for you to digest, and it is absolutely monumental in both size and scope.”

On Saturday 25th November we celebrate its arrival with an official launch event at Caban, Brynrefail.
We are hoping for some good weather during the day so we can get out and do some bouldering. Meet at the Caban café in the morning at 10.30 and a venue or venues will be chosen depending on the weather.

Evening entertainment: 7.30 in the Caban café.
Things will kick off with a bit of chat from guide author, Si Panton. We will then have some short NWB films from Chris Doyle and Derw Fineron. Martin Crook will be doing a piece too (Block Climbers in Action in Snowdonia), and the evening will reach a crescendo with a comedy gold/trainspotter quiz (with prizes!).

Come along and join in the fun; everybody is welcome. If you are travelling there are plenty of places to stay in the Brynrefail/Llanberis vicinity, including the Fricsan bunkhouse/campsite and Jesse James’ bunkhouse.

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