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Si Panton on Yellow Wall Traverse 6C+ photo: some bloke who was passing

The Yellow Wall Traverse on Craig yr Undeb (page 21 in the new NWB guide) is a brilliant technical challenge first climbed way back in the Ď70s. Unfortunately the footholds on the blank right hand section had become buried under a grassy build up at the base of the wall. The last known ascent was around 20 years ago.

After chatting to Paul Trower, one of the original Fachwen developers, Si Panton decided to act:

"It seemed such a shame to have this classic old school line lost to vegetation so myself and my son dug it out to reveal the original footholds. I left it a few weeks for the rain to wash the mud off then this afternoon did it.
Iím pleased to report that it is a superb piece of techy, balancey climbing which goes best right to left. The 6C+ book grade seems about right."

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