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Barry Kershaw on Squishy sds 7B Photo: Mark Dicken

Si Panton on Kenwood 6C Photo: Charlie Panton

Callum Hamilton has climbed the sit down start to Squishy, a 6C+ stand up previously climbed at Porth Ysgo by Mark Dicken a few months back. 7B is the suggested grade for this powerful, slappy line which can be found just left of Matís Slab in Area 6. See page 482 in the new NWB guide. Shortly after Barry Kershaw managed the second ascent, confirming the grade and quality.

Another new (or at least, previously unrecorded) titbit from Si Panton can be found just left of Jonesí Eliminate in Area 3. Kenwood snatches up a series of opposition side pulls and goes at about 6C. See page 468 in the new NWB guide.

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