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The view of Cwm y Foel from the reservoir. Photos: Si Panton

David Fiddler on Cruisader 7B+

...and a little higher.

The line of Banana Split 7A+

Last Saturday an enthusiastic team made the trek up to Cwm y Foel to sample the Ysgo-esque rock and the stunning mountain vistas.

Attention soon became focussed on the eye-catching left hand finish to Shining Armour. Valiant attempts were made by various members of the motley crew, but as the sun heated up the slopers to egg-frying levels a successful ascent became less and less likely. Pete Robins tried his best but had to admit defeat; he took quick consolation by bagging a new 7A+ called Banana Split up the obvious groove and crack feature up and round to the left.

Pete had to leave but David Fiddler stuck around, biding his time, waiting for the shadow to spread across the Shining Armour face. When it did success came swiftly for David. Cruisader rates 7B+ - start sitting as for Shining Armour but follow the slopey lip leftwards all the way into the niche. See page 342 in the new NWB guide.

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