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Craig Davies on The Arbiter 8A, Sheep Pen Boulders Photo: Luke Fletcher

Craig Davies has climbed a brilliant new line on the right side of the Huffy's Wall block, which sits on the hillside up above the Sheep Pen Boulders plateau in the magnificent glaciated landscape of Nant Ffrancon. The Arbiter 8A is a steep and burly problem which powers up from a sds (left hand in the pod) following the right hand edge across the rib feature.

"It's a really nice compression line, which are few and far between in North Wales.", enthused Craig, before adding: "The grade is a bit uncertain, I thought 7C+/8A but Luke (Fletcher) seemed to think it deserved 8A so we'll see what it settles at!"

See page 201 in the new NWB guide for more details of this area.

Craig and Luke also repeated Huffy's Wall, praising it's quality and reckoning a grade of 7B+/C.

And finally, as for the approach, which seems to have put off a few people from investigating the mysterious but strangely alluring Huffy's Wall, Craig said it was fine. Yes, a bit heathery, but only 15-20 minutes up from the Sheep Pen plateau

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