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Jack Palmieri (aka the man who knows no pump) has been back in his spiritual home, Parisella's Cave, mopping up some more unclimbed links. Jack wasted no time in adding a low start to the recently established Night Life from the Hatch start to give Wasted Life 8A. He then did the obvious Left Wall High finish, which he also gave 8A (High and Wasted - surely 8A+!??).

Jack then started working on an old Pete Robins training concept that reverses Rockatrocity. The Incredible Sulk starts up Lou Ferrino, reverses Rockatrocity then crosses the arch into Left Wall Traverse. Pete had planned to finish it with Left Wall High but never made it onto the left wall. Jack reckoned even finishing low was worthy of 8B. As it is 7C+ into 7C+ into 7C, he's probably right! Not the most logical line but one that has a quirky quality and is undoubtedly good training.

The same day Jack climbed his own Triggertrocity (RA into Trigger Cut) into the route extension Familiar Cut. This boulder/route hybrid (christened A Familiar Atrocity) is worth 8c+ (8c with kneebars?) but Jack was first to acknowledge the big sport grades for such hybrid links always feel a bit hollow compared to doing a pure sport route. Undoubtedly this is a quality bit of climbing (and nails) and a bit harder than Final Cut which starts up Lou Ferrino.

The last great challenges in the Cave now pretty much all involve starting sitting (Left Wall, Hatch or In Hell) at the back and finishing up one of the high hard finishes (Bonnie, Clyde or Trigger Cut). It's over ten years since Liam Desroy famously dropped the end of Clyde from In Hell but with Jack and his fellow Cave beast, Mike Hart, undoubtedly capable of such feats it's surely only a matter of time.

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