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Obviously spurred on by the challenge in the last NWB report, Jack Palmieri returned to his beloved Parisella’s Cave and added a sit start to his own Triggertrocity.

The Hatchlink (8B+) adds the logical Hatch start on the back wall. The Hatchstart is 7 moves and about 7B in itself. Jack reckoned adding this into Triggertrocity (a hard 8B in itself) made for a low end 8B+ and great bit of climbing from sitting at the back to a glorious finish on the Trigger Cut finishing jugs.

On his first redpoint of the day Jack was interrupted by a passing tourist - "He walked into the Cave and said 'what's going on here then?' as I was climbing. I proceeded to drop the last move of Trigger and threw a paddy breaking my brush on a stick. I got it next redpoint luckily, definitely my best Cave FA by far."

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