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Parisellaís Cave regular, Jack Palmieri has uncovered some previously unknown news that slipped through the net from global wad Alex Megosís Cave sessions in June 2016.

At the recent lead climbing World Cup in Chamonix Alex mentioned to Jack that he had also linked Le Dernier Atrocitie into Louis Armstrong during his notorious Cave blitz. This link adds the hardest move in the Cave, plus sonme moves across the arch to reach the start of Louis.

Alex said 8B for the new link but given that it adds an 8A sequence into an 8B itís likely that the true grade is boosted to 8B+. Alex also initially proposed 8B for his Louis Cut link which adds a ten move 8A+ after Louis Armstrong, so itís clear that heís far too strong and his grade proposals should be taken with a large pinch of salt!

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