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Back in the summer Arthur Morris climbed a couple of worthwhile variations in the Llanberis Pass.

Emyr's Aręte Direct (7B) is, as the name suggests, a direct version of the original Emyr Parry line on the right side of the Lizard King block. It starts as per the normal sds, but instead of swerving right to a big flattie, power up through the steep crack via a sharp quartz slot and some tricky toe action, before throwing to the high flattie and topping out.

Barrel Rider (7A+) is a new straight up on The Barrel, squeezed in to the left of Bulling 747. It starts right hand on a well hidden small black undercut, a few inches to the left of the left hand undercut on Bulling 747, and a small thin slot for the left hand. Pull through to the rail via a slot and top out.

These lines may have been done before but it seems worthwhile flagging up their existence, as Arthur points out: “Both problems have some worthwhile and independent climbing, despite perhaps being a little squeezed in.”

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