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James McHaffie on the first ascent of Transmission 7A+! during the Fachwen and Clegir gold rush in the spring of 2020 photo: Si Panton

After a very intense year the first volume of the new guidebook is due to be published in January. This will take some of the pressure off the site editor so the normal news reporting service will resume for the Mountain Crags areas.

Please send first ascent or significant repeats info, pics and film links to info@northwalesbouldering.com. Any information on hold breakages, access issues, etc is also welcome.

The old rules still apply:

1. Reports will be limited to problems of grade 7 and above. We will include significant grade 6s in reports but they won't be the lead item. This might seem elitist, but otherwise the sheer volume of material becomes unmanageable.

2. Micro variations and eliminates should be kept to a minimum - we're not saying don't do them, but just that there should be a filter on what is considered newsworthy.

3. All big number claims, especially grade 8s need to be backed up by clear, unedited footage, or if the climber already has a strong track record, a respected witness. It's a good, simple rule, and means whatever you see reported on here is considered to be legitimate.

The site has been running since 2004 and has proved to be a valuable research resource, even if the search function doesn't work. Top tip: use google instead. ;-)

Happy hunting!

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