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Unloading the wagon photos: Clare Panton

First view of the book...(smiling, but actually shitting myself in case anything has gone wrong!)

Proud dad cradling the new baby

The second day of March. Sun streaming through the window and the promise of a glorious, blue-sky Spring stretching ahead of us, plus the hope of Covid travel restrictions being relaxed soon Ė what could possibly make this a better day? Well, how about the timely arrival of the Mountain Crags volume of the new North Wales Bouldering guide? Itís just turned up and excitement levels are already bending the needle into the red!

ďItís always a nervous moment when you take delivery of a new book, especially when itís been a big project like this one. But Iím overjoyed with how it has turned out. Ground Upís designer, Al Williams, has produced some truly stunning layout. The guidebook team have been fantastic too, helping to really fine tune the detail and open up information about the exciting new crags. The printers, Cambrian - Pensord, have also done a great job and Iím pleased to support Welsh business again.Ē

Said Si, before adding

ďIíve been documenting the North Wales bouldering scene for 25 years and it is stronger now than it has ever been. Itís brilliant to see so much psyche out there. Long may it continue!Ē

Distribution is kicking off straight away Ė V12 in Llanberis will be posting out the pre-orders immediately. Hereís the link if you want to order your copy now.

Cordee received their part of the delivery today so other mail order or click and collect options will be available across the UK in a few days time.

Volume 2: Coastal Crags and North East Limestone will be published later in 2021.

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