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The Ystrad mines in Dyffryn Cwellyn are good place to head to during the mid-summer heat wave. The temperature in the cutting is always much cooler than outside on the hillside. Pete Robins returned this week to try a superb line originally probed by Si Panton a few years back, and then by himself last year.

After a quick scrub of the finishing jugs from a rope Pete got stuck in. At first it felt hard, but as the cooler evening temperatures arrived he suddenly found himself latching the tenuous crux slap.

I just laid one on, not really expecting to make much impression and was surprised to find myself hanging from the jug! said Pete after the ascent.

Industrial Revolution (7C) is a fine addition to the Ystrad roster. It is listed in the NWB 3.1 guide as the Ystrad Wall Project on page 655.

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