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A significant new area has been developed at the top of Nant Ffrancon with some spectacular lines up to 7C+. Various parties have sniffed around this area but this year David Fidler and Owen Hayward got properly stuck in.

The main event is a very impressive leaning wall on the A5 side of the river. This yielded a number of outstanding problems, including Owen’s Bloodbottler (7B+), a big steep line weaving around the prominent aręte. David’s Dreamcatcher (7C) is the equally impressive line on the wall to the right. David spent several sessions getting very close to climbing the obvious sitting start to this. Unfortunately back problems forced him to abandon attempts and offer the project up for others to try. Jack Pearce did the sds section but couldn’t top it out as it was too wet on the day. Soon after Craig Davies dropped by and did the deed. Dreamcatcher sds rates 7C+.

Owen has produced a topo to the area which you can view on the Topos and stuff Ogwen page. Please pay attention to his notes about the sensitivity of access in this area. No issues have occurred yet so let’s keep it that way.

North Wales bouldering: Ardal Rhaeadr Ogwen from Finn Hayward on Vimeo.

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