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Jacob on the first ascent of Bad Trip Initiator (7B!), Carreg Bengham Bach

Jacob on the first ascent of Tip Off (7A!), Chwarel Dinorwig

The 6B! pillar above Drws y Gwynt (all pics: Hadley collection)

Jacob Hadley has produced a selection of impressive highball lines at a variety of crags spread across the area. Most of these could be given E grades, especially if you donít have a big nest of pads to land on.

First up is Bad Trip Initiator (7B! ish), a direct start to Elementary Wall at Carreg Bengham Bach, coming in from the left via a huge span.

Second is a sweet line at Drws y Coed. Eric Italian (7A!) is a direct on Left in Tears.

Third is an unnamed but high quality 6B! pillar up above Drws y Gwynt in the craggy part of Dyffryn Peris.

Fourth destination on this swirling trip around the crags of Eryri is the Dinorwig slate quarries (also in Dyffryn Peris), specifically the back side of the Serengeti butte. Tip Off (7A!) tackles the striking arete which leads into the upper section of Proliferation Bang On

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