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Gwion on the FA of Ble Mae’r Nukes (7A+) photo: Si Panton

In the shattered, chaotic Chwarel Cwmorthin, adjacent to Craig y Clipiau there sits a lone boulder, wedged into the slatey bed of this strange place like a crash-landed asteroid. Martin Crook first probed its weaknesses, coming away with the exquisite, Deplete Uranium, a deceptively tough 7A tracing a ramp out right from the main steep aręte. See page 541 in the NWB 3.1 guide.

Today Gwion Llewelyn pieced together the challenge of climbing the aręte direct from the same sds of Deplete Uranium to give the superb Ble Mae’r Nukes (7A+). A quality addition for sure.

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